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The Magical Tale of The Bird and The Bear

by Jenny Young....

This tale begins in a land far away.
Approximately 2 hours from London along the M4,
Where there lived a big, hairy, grissly bear.

Now this was no ordinary grissly bear.
He was neither ferocious nor particularly mean.
In fact he was a kind and a loving sort,
and above all the friendliest creature you could wish to meet.

Our bear was a simple fellow,
he liked nothing more than to curl up in his hammock, a book in one hand, a bowl of hot chilli in the other.
He was certainly most content when his tummy was full.

Although comfortable with his simple life, the bear knew this would not satisfy him wholly.
So one day he packed his belongings and plenty of snacks and set upon an adventure, the lights of the big city beckoning.

However, as some of you may know, this was no big city bear, he soon grew tired of the thunderous traffic and the bustling streets, deciding to rest for while, he sought the shade of a sycamore tree, the perfect place for a snooze he thought.

He was just dozing off in this comfortable spot.
When he heard some rustling in the branches above.
Startled from his slumber he looked upto to see the most wonderful sight.

A small bird had come to perch, a bird unlike any sparrow or wren.
She glistened and gleamed, shimmered and shone.
The bear could not believe his eyes.

"hello there birdy" said the bear to the bird
"hello there bear" said the bird to the bear

Now, not only was this bird a beautiful sight, she too had a kind and a sensitive soul.
Full of grace and artistic flare, the bear saw in an instant how special she was.
They chittered and chattered there under the tree, the bird falling for his grissly charms.

This dainty bird and grissly bear made each other very happy indeed,
and so it was, when the time came for the bear to return home, the beautiful bird upped sticks, spread her wings and with a tweet and twirl, followed the bear to his sleepy town.

It was there the bird went to work, collecting buttons and beads, trinkets and charms and together they created a quite enchanting nest.

Now people may ask what such a beautiful bird and a grissly bear would have in common, the answer – well, many things.
But most of all and most importantly they share a wonderful love for one another.

So what happens next….. well they live happily ever after of course.