Oct 19th & 20th - We finally made it to Hawaii!


We arrived in Hawaii at 11 pm on Saturday night, after flying all day from Boston to LA, then LA to Hawaii, with a 6 hour layover at LAX in between. I had been traveling all day with a slight cold, or allergies from my friend host's kitty. I was taking sinus medicine all day and trying to drink green juices to boost my immune system for our arrival!

As soon as we got to Hawaii and before leaving the airport, I could tell Hawaii was beautiful just from the smell of the air. We got our rental car from Enterprise, and took off into Waikiki to our Hotel, Aqua Bamboo, in the heart of Waikiki and just one block from the famous Waikiki Beach. To my surprise, the city of Honolulu is one of the biggest cities I've ever been to, and learned that is the 10th largest city on the US. We checked into our hotel and I solo devoured an entire box of chocolate covered Macadamia nuts, courtesy of Aqua Bamboo. They also left champagne and a little greeting for us congratulating us on our wedding. We fell asleep around 2 am Hawaii time...8 am East Coast time, after being up ALL DAY since 5 am East Coast time. I was still having sinus problems despite my best efforts, and I needed a lot of rest.

We woke up Sunday Morning around 1 pm and got a veggie burger brunch down the street. Around 2 pm, we head straight for Waikiki Beach to spend some time in the water. It was 85 degrees and mostly sunny with some dark clouds(that we learned happens almost every day around 2-5pm) behind the buildings of Waikiki. We walked down the Waikiki beach walk all day, window shopping and checking out touristy spots in downtown Waikiki. We ate a pretty hearty dinner around 8pm at Atlantis Seafood, located on the main drag of the beach, and afterward we spent the rest of the evening relaxing in the hot tub at Aqua Bamboo.

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