Oct 21st - Waikiki and Beach Sunset Walk


On Monday, we woke up around 9 am and ate breakfast poolside from the Hotel Restaurant, The Lovin' Oven. As soon as breakfast was over, we headed to Waikiki Beach from about 10 am-3pm for a walk down the beach toward Honolulu to find the Duke Kahanamoku Lagoon. We walked along the beach, looking at fish and crabs and looking back to catch the view of Diamond Head in the distance. After about 2 miles, we found the lagoon, The water in the lagoon was a chilly 65 degrees, as compared to the bath tub 80 in the ocean just over the sand. To our surprise, there was an entire eco-system in the lagoon, with large and little saltwater fish swimming about. After a light dinner around 5 pm, we walked into Waikiki for more exploring. We perused around the "International Market" for a while, trying on flower crowns and taking pictures. I got lost in a scary, bright, upscale mall thing. After walking a couple of miles down the Waikiki Beach Walk, we found ourselves in a park and back on the beach near the Hilton, just in time to walk back toward Waikiki for a Sunset beach walk overlooking Diamond Head. We got back to the hotel around 8 after some sorbet from the local Yogurtland, and hopped right into the hot tub! We realized we had forgotten to put any sunscreen on at all, and quickly felt our burn when we got into the hot tub, We looked like a couple of lobsters cooking in a pot! Tom found his first Gold Dust Gecko by the cabanas, and was soooo overjoyed to see such a cute little friend!

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