Oct 22 - Trip to Haleiwa Beach


On Tuesday, our 3rd full day in Hawaii, I decided that after we went to get our Marriage licence at the Board of Health in Downtown Honolulu, that we were going to fulfill one of my top lifelong dreams. We were going to Haleiwa Beach to try and find some wild sea turtles. We got breakfast around 10 am, and had our marriage license in hand by 12pm. We set out for our 45 minute drive to Haleiwa beach and admired the views and the pineapple plantations along the way through the "countryside". When we arrived at Haleiwa Beach, I didn't see any sea turtles. I saw huge waves and surfers. In my disappointment, we decided to make the best out of our day trip and enjoy a leisurely walk around Haleiwa Beach Park. We came up on a rocky plateau overlooking the watter and another part of the beach to out left. I looked over to the beach and reaized that those large rock like forms weren't rocks, they were a fleet of about 10 sunbathing sea turtles! I was OVERJOYED to say the least and grabbed Tom by the hand and ecstatically dragged him down the the sandy beach. There they were, about 10 huge 3ft-5ft long Green Sea turtles, just chillin'. I thoght they were dead! They were sleeping and totally zenned out in the warm sun. I put my towel down a few feet away from one of the ones in the middle of the beach and just sat there for a while looking at them all, and watching what seemed to be about 15-20 more large green sea turtles in the water bobbing up and down and come close to the shore to tease me! :)

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